All Saints Ministry

After 26 years of involvement with the occult, Zachary has become a warrior for Jesus Christ and wants to share his knowledge for the protection of God's people. Zachary’s testimony is an inspiration that proves how great God's mercy & forgiveness truly are and above all shows the depth of His love for us

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Zachary King

store owner

From a beginning dabbling in the occult at 10 years old Zachary King joined a satanic cult and lived for pleasure, power and profit. After 26 years actively devoted to satans agendas he experienced an instant and miraculous conversion through The Blessed Mother. She took him by the hand and led him to her Son... Zachary finally felt for the first time joy, love and peace. From that point on he has committed himself to exposing the traps and pitfalls that the devil lays in our paths and declaring Jesus' Divine Mercy in his life. It is never too late, you cannot sell your soul... Christ bought it at the ultimate price. For the last 10 years he has been a public speaker traveling across the United States sharing his testimony.


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